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Cross fight B-Daman

Cross Fight B-Daman

Bdaman logo

Genre Action, Adventure, Comedy
TV anime
Studio TV Tokyo
Licensor N/A
English network N/A
Original run October 2, 2011 – ongoing
Episodes 16
Succeeded by N/A

B-Daman Crossfire is the most recent series of B-Daman. B-Daman is a toy that is based on marbles. It consists of a new B-daman design that lacks a skeleton. They are fully customizable and are made up of 5 interchangable parts that include the: Head, arms, core, legs, and accesories. There is also 3 main types which are accuracy, power, and rapid-fire. The anime and toys are currently only avalable in Japan but are speculated to come to America during 2012. The timeslot is shared with Beyblade so each episode is 15 minutes long.


The anime is about a young teenage boy who first discovers B-daman from his friend Maya. This boy Kakeru has always dreamed about adventure but he has never experienced it. Maya found him a job at the B-daman shop miracle shot. Instead of getting paid the shop owner allows Kakeru to pick out a B-daman from his shop for free. Kakeru notices a dragon B-daman that appears to be watching him and choses it. At first the shop owner is reluctant to give it to Kakeru bu he finally agrees. Kakeru finds his way to the cross fight. The cross fight is a secreat tournament that only the best b-da players are invited to. Kakeru watches the cross fight in secreat and then he hears a voice. He can't tell where the voice is coming from so he looks around for a little while then... he realizes that his b-daman Accele Dracyan is talking to him. He is heard and the cross fight referee comes over o Kakeru and after scanning Accele Dracyan allows him to participate in the cross fight. Of course since it was his 1st time ever in a b-da battle Kakeru failed and the other cross fight characters laughed at him... 


Here is a list of all the curent B-Daman released:

  • Accele Drycyan
  • Force Dragon
  • One Sided Sharks
  • Rev-Dravise
  • Sasord
  • Spin Reoja
  • Steer Eagle
  • Stroke Orochi
  • Torque Bearga


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